I walked to temple of old.
Priest with wand within.
To kneel before a Shinto god.
To beckon the harvest in.
I walked a mile with heavy burden.
My reward a meet with God.
Two men knelt before the shrine.
One white one Asian how odd.
In vote the villagers chose me.
I stole a locals chance.
For I was the first westerner on the mountain.
To see this ritual enhance .
My job to lay branches at the foot of God.
I knelt before its presence.
Fulfilling my second job.
I clasped my hands together.
I prayed on bended knee.
I clapped then bowed.
Bowed again…with thoughts of my family.
The God: My prayer was answered.
Shinto ritual now complete.
My daughter with serious illness.
Yet still her heart does beat.
She made a full recovery.
Surprised everyone to see.
But I cast my mind back to that summer.
When I prayed on bended knee.


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