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I don’t know what you’ve been told.
I saw the sun a shining
On a temple of gold.

I’ve been to yellow sea
Been to Tokyo.
Been to cold,cold mountain
Down in Nagano.

I’ve travelled far n wide
Followed endless road
Saw the sun a rising over Kyoto.

Drank my full o wine
On the deep blue sea
Prayed before a Buddha
On bended knee.

Smoked a lot a weed
With a rasta man
Smoked another joint
Came from Pakistan

Been to Hong kong
Saw the gallery
Wept before a statue
Of mother Mary.

I’ve been far an wide
On an endless road.
Followed that path
Back to my home.

Prayed for
Poor,poor Nana
In the mortuary.
Then headed back out
To Japany

Made a little daughter
With a soulful of gold
Rest a little while
Cos I’m feeling old

I don’t know what you’ve been told
A found me a place
To call my own.